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This section is dedicated to the Moroccans who asked me about tourism in their own country, and particularly to the Laraki family, who so gracefully introduced me to their country and customs.

When to visit?

Weather wise, the best times to visit are probably: September/October and April/May/ June.
Two weeks should give you enough time to 'experience' Morocco- a longer sojourn will allow for a more relaxed pace' ; a shorter sojourn shouldn't be too ambitious.
Keep in mind that vacation (either European or Moroccan) schedules can also affect your trip:

The Muslim dates to look out for are:
Ramadan (during this one month fast, most businesses are closed during the daytime, and certainly all restaurants and food shops.)
Aid el Kebir (week long festivities- congested roads and sold-out trains and buses)
The Christian dates to look out for are:
Holy Week (the week preceeding Easter Sunday, when the Spanish living in Ceuta and Melilla take the ferry to Spain)