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Al Hoceima

A beach near Al Hoceima, at the foot of Badis

This Mediterranean resort is best experienced in the Spring and Summer, when the weather allows for bathing and hiking. Stay in Al Hoceima at one of the many town hotels (though the Hotel Mohammed V and its bunglows at the foot of Quemado beach are by far the most comfortable place to stay).

Drive 40 kilometers West of Al Hoceima to visit the ancient city of Badis. Along the way, enjoy the beauty of this rich farmland and colorful hills. The 5 mile wilderness walk to Badis and the Penon Velez de la Gomera will give you an usual perspective of the dramatic coastline and of Spanish presence in Morocco!

In the evening, walk to the port and eat at one of the many fish restaurants to be found there. Menus don't vary much and the quality is assured.

The hills between Al Hoceima and Badis

For a glimpse of Leo's Al Hoceima click here.