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This section is dedicated to the Moroccans who asked me about tourism in their own country, and particularly to the Laraki family, who so gracefully introduced me to their country and customs.


What to read?

Culturally and historically, Morocco is a wonderfully rich country- and ones's experience of it is greatly enhanced by a bit of 'advanced reading'- be it a travel guide, a novel, or a history book. Here are my favorite back pack readings for the road:

Travel Guides:
Rough Guide: By far the most practical and accurate. Better than the 98 version of the Lonely Planet.
Guide Bleu: For those of you who read French, this provides detailed information on the historical context of most cities, monuments and museums.

Novels and Other Fiction:
Paul Bowles: The Sheltering Sky, The Spider's House.
Amin Maalouf: Leon L'Africain (also an English version- Leo Africanus). No better way to delve into Moroccan history, and learn about the many influences and cultures which shape the Moroccan mind. Much romance and adventure to keep you alert!
Gilbert Sinoue: Le Livre de Saphir. For those of you who read French, this Egyptian writer's description of life in Andalusia in the 15th century is a real treet. Here again, plenty of romance and adventure.
Contemporary Moroccan writers: my preferred are A. Kilito, Driss Chraibi and Rida Lamrini.

For Historical Works, please see the Bibliography Section.