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Southern Dunes
Footsteps on Dunes

The 'Desert' can be accessed from two areas in Morocco- Zagora/Mhamid in the West, Merzouga in the East. Be warned, neither of these locations provide the 'endless expanse of sand' vision of the desert you might have. Desert lands in Morocco are essentially flat, dry, arid lands with an occasional dune here of there. That said, the dunes at Merzouga are significantly more impressive than those at Mhamid, and spending a night or two at the foot of these dunes (in one of the many 'auberges' to be found there) can be a refreshing and quiet experience.

Camel rides are 'exotic', though most people get a little bored after a half an hour or so. Walking, running, rolling and tumbling in the dunes is significantly more amusing!

The Moroccan South is a land of contradictions (more so than the North) as it mixes traditional lifestyle with advanced forms of tourism. It is not unusual to see an oddly pious scene in the midst of total tourist chaos:this man was praying in Rissani, across from the cafe where all tourists await their ride to Merzouga.

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