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Ziz Valley

The Ziz River

The Ziz valley was once a passage for the Caravan routes linking sub-Saharan Africa to the Mediterranean. The valley boasts Palm trees and dates galore. Easily accessible from Erfoud (itself a rather stressful tourist destination) the valley can be entered at the "Source bleue de Meski".

The Source Bleue is a bit of a tourist trap (charging you to get into the camping grounds, and your usual tourist harassment attachments), but is an entry point to the river side and the valley's beauties. Hike along the river for glimpses of women washing clothes, men tending fields and donkeys transporting goods from one river community to another.
Up the river you will encounter the ruins of an old Ksar, fortress overlooking the waters. A steep climb in the ruins will reveal many a beautiful structure.

From the Valley, head South towards Rissani and the Merzouga Dunes. The radical change from luscious green to desert brown will underline the value of the Ziz Valley in such an arid region.

Walking along the Ziz river, with children as our guides

For a glimpse of Leo's Ziz, click here.