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A 'white and blue' street in Chefchaouen

This quaint Reef town can be visited at any time, though could season is a bit rough, given that most budget hotels have neither heating not hot water. The Pension Guernika is a cheap and charming place to stay, though hot water is fickle (Spanish owners compensate with tasteful decoration and a blazing fire in the evenings). As for dinner, visit the Casa Hassan, a tastefully decorated Hotel and Restaurant, just a few feet from Place Uta El Hammam. The Casa Hassan can be (rudimentarily) reached at:


A short walk up the nearby hill to the ruined mosque will enable you to see the inside of mosque, and climb to the top of a minaret- a rare treat in a country where non-Muslims cannot enter mosques. Longer day hikes can depart from there.

Chefchaouen is a good place to experience the Hammam- the chillier weather will make you long for warm, moist rooms of vapor and cleanliness! The streets leading to and from Place Uta El Hammam boast several Hammams.

More importantly, Chefchaouen is a lively place, a city of cafes and lazy afternoons. Afternoons lounging in cafes will not be idly spent, as many a peddler, street performer and curious sight will come your way!