In the course of a 9 month Fulbright scholarship to Morocco, from September 2000 to May 2001, I spent many an evening jotting down ideas and impressions derived from my experiences there.

My investigations into the life and travels of Leo Africanus, a 16th century Moroccan explorer, were bound to influence the ways in which I apprehended the country, so don't be surprised to find bits of Moroccan history, geography and anthropology strewn here and there!

The following stories are all written from a 'subjective' viewpoint and do not aspire to represent the 'TRUTH' about Morocco- they are simply the perceptions, trials and errors of a traveling woman.

!!Special feature: Videos of Cristel's travels!! -- CLICK HERE

May 2001
Leo lives on
April 2001
Rhorbal- the Moroccan Salvador Dali
A man's world
March 2001
Civilization and its discontents
February 2001
To Spain and back in a Whirlwind
Postcards from Chefchaouen
Confessions on a Train
Postcards from Figuig
January 2001
Marrakech with Maia
Pirates in the Oudayas
Tanneries and Parchments
Arts in Marrakech
November 2000
Breadcrumb Supreme
DJ Radwan
Words and Images
Living in the Oudayas
The Hammam
October 2000
A Grand Taxi Adventure
Back to Morocco
September 2000
First days in Morocco
Casablanca: before and after sickness