The Pirate Coast
A brief history
Meet the Explorers

Three explorers will lead you through this voyage:

Leo Africanus: Extracts from his 16th century work on Morocco will bring you back into the ways and customs of his times. Note that Leo did not write about ports with as much thoroughness or detail as he did for the interior lands- as much of the coastline was well explored and described by the Portuguese, and thus already extensively covered in other geographical literature.

Duarte Pacheco Pereira: This early 15th century Portuguese sailor will guide you through 50 years of Portuguese exploration of the North African Coast. Author of the Esmeraldo de Situ Orbis ( where he intended to describe the entire coastline from Gibraltar to India, via the Cape of Good Hope), he carefully describes the Moroccan coastline based on navigation data which he collected during his travels, from 1490s to 1520s. As an experienced seaman he will be your guide through centuries of piracy and naval history in the Mediterranean.

Cristel: Your 21st century companion will bring image and color to both historical narratives, guiding you through 5 centuries of change and evolution in Morocco.