This site is the product of a 10 month research project on the life and works of Leo Africanus, a 16th century geographer and explorer.

The purpose of this research was to solidify the general knowledge about Leo's life and contributions, while 'illustrating' his travels, and comparing his descriptions of Moroccan peoples and places to present day Morocco.
Consequently, there is quite a bit of information on modern Morocco, information obviously tainted with my perspective and experiences.

While I don't deny the 'subjectivity' inherent to any description and research, I do believe I give the reader enough information about my background and experiences for he or she to judge the value of my words.
Just as Leo's words cannot be understood without careful examination of his history, his upbringing and his culture, my words are not to be interpreted without reference to my cultural context.

However most of the content of this site is the product of careful historical research, and has been read and approved by many a Moroccan and Leo scholar. Visit the Bibliography section of this site for a comprehensive list all my sources.

This having been said, I welcome all comments and feedback, to help keep this site lively and alive!

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