Caravan Route
A brief history
Meet the Explorers

First of three trips through Morocco, this expedition along the old caravan routes of Morocco will introduce you to the country's history, wealth and tradition. Join Leo Africanus, Cristel, Rachel and Alex as they re-create for you the experience of generations of merchant travelers.

Leo Africanus: Extracts from his 16th century work on Morocco will bring you back to the ways and customs of his times. Leo traveled along these caravan routes on two separate occasions, once as an envoy of the Sultan of Fes (he was accompanying his uncle who was the official ambassador of the court of Fes to the ruler of Timbuktu), and once on his own account (probably in an attempt to jump-start his career as a merchant!). On both occasions, Leo traveled with a full caravan, an endless column of camels, horses, men, servants and slaves, all of whom had to insure their livelihood for 3 long months of travel. Dangers were many, and survival rates low... but the monetary rewards of travel and trade insured a constant supply of courageous merchants and adventurers.

Cristel, Rachel and Alex: Your 21st century companions will bring image and color to Leo's historical narrative, while adding anecdotes of their own caravan travels. Their stories of three women traveling through some of the remotest regions in the country charmingly illustrate the thrills and inconveniences of following routes that have either been abandoned, or converted into tourist attractions.