Atlas Trekking
A brief history
Meet the Explorers

Three explorers will lead you through this voyage:

Leo Africanus: Extracts from his 16th century work on Morocco will bring you back into the ways and customs of his times. Leo traveled through these 'back roads' of Morocco on many an occasion, but most thoroughly on behalf of the Sultan of Fes and his short lived allies: the Sa'dian Sharifs. He was helping recruit troops for the struggle against the 'infidel' Portuguese on the coast. Leo's sometimes bitter words about the rugged lifestyle of these mountain people is indicative of his very proper Andalusian heritage and Fassi upbringing.

The Saadian Cherif, al-Aledj: This historical personage comes back to life in an account of his dealings in these regions. Eldest son of Muhammed as Sa'di, he was to rule as 'Sultan of Marrakech' for a couple years, before his younger brother, Muhammed esch Cheik took over and ended three generations of Wattaside rule in Fes. His account leads you through many of the political and military intrigues that led to the advent of the Sa'dian dynasty

Cristel: Your 21st century companion will bring image and color to both historical narratives, guiding you through 5 centuries of change and evolution in Morocco.